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Strong Interpretive Report


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Match Your Interests, Likes & Skills to Your Career.


download-sample.png  This 10-page report offers a clear and powerful picture of how your specific interests and likes are liked to different jobs, work settings and careers. It helps you to expand your career options and chart an action plan toward achieving a fulfilling career. Specifically:

  • Describes your work personality related to interests, work activities, potential skills, leisure and interests , and career motivators.
  • Identifies top career interest areas and areas of least interest.
  • Give your top 10 potential occupations to consider based on your match to satisfied and successful workers already working in the occupations.
  • Gives specific suggestions on your preferred work environments, ways of approaching people, learning, leading, making decisions, and participating in teams.
  • Assessment takes 30 minutes to complete.

The Strong Interpretive Report is most helpful for

  • INDIVIDUALS who want to discover true career interests, choose college majors, help the job search process, and learn about preferred work style and risk orientation.
  • COMPANIES that want to align employee interests with areas of responsibility, clarify work style, team orientation, communication, leadership style, risk taking, and learning environment.

Price includes a webinar to help you get the most out of your Strong Interpretive Report. Participation is required.
if you prefer, you may choose One-on-One Individual Interpretation or Group Interpretation if they are better suited to your unique needs. To be eligible for Group Interpretation, the Group must purchase an administration of the Assessment for EACH Group Member and they must be purchased together.

Call us for more information about how we can help you achieve your learning goals -- 202-237-7179.

The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment is one of the most widely used measures of vocational interests in the United States.  It has been used in educational settings, public institutions, and private organizations for nearly 80 years.  The Strong underwent a major revision over the past few years.  Among other goals, the revision was designed to:

  • Shorten the instrument
  • Add current occupations
  • Increase the level of business, technology, and teamwork measures
  • Broaden the assessment of work and leisure activities.
  • Reflect the diversity of the U.S. workforce in the samples obtained

Changes or updates were made to the normative sample, items, response options, General Occupational Themes, Basic Interest Scales, Occupational Scales, Personal Style Scales, and Administrative Indices.

The Strong has developed a loyal following of users over the years, probably due, at least in part, to a commitment on the part of everyone associated with it since its introduction, beginning with E. K. Strong, Jr., to updating and improving the inventory.


The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment can be used alone or in combination with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment to address two key issues:

  • Career advancement – Help heighten self-awareness and a deeper understanding of individual strengths and blind spots.
  • Focused career exploration – Learn how to apply interests in exploring new career options.

Brief Description of the Strong-MBTI Career Report:

The Strong and MBTI® Career Report empowers you with a complete career development picture based on a combined interpretation of their interests and personality. It integrates General Occupational Themes, Basic Interest Scales, Occupational Scales, and Personal Style Scales from the Strong with MBTI® results to offer career direction and identify relevant occupations, with emphasis on those suggested by both instruments.

The Strong and MBTI® Career Report leverages the latest research on both instruments and combines the results of more than 68,000 individuals who have taken the Strong with the results for more than 92,000 individuals who have completed the MBTI assessment. The highly intuitive report includes 4 pages of individualized, interactive content for starting a career, considering a career change, looking for career enrichment, or seeking work-life balance.

The Strong and MBTI® Career Report is available as a stand-alone report or bundled with a Strong Profile or Strong Profile, College Edition.

For more information, on purchasing the Strong-MBTI Career Report, please contact Customer Services as 202-237-7179.



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