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MBTI Work Styles Report


Product Description

Help any 2 people learn to work together successfully.  Improve working relationships by making the most of differences among employees.

download-sample.png  An engaged and collaborative work environment in an organization increases morale, efficiency, and employee retention.  It also helps promote communication and teamwork and prevent destructive conflict from arising. 

Popular for use in corporate, non-profit, community, educational & athletic settings.

This 14-page report, specifically designed to promote understanding, discussion and communication, and reduce potential conflict:

  • Details the work styles of two individuals.
  • Allows both individuals to learn how to use their similarities and differences productively and includes a summary of each person's four-letter type.
  • Compares styles of communication, information gathering, decision-making, and project management to reveal potential sources of conflict.
  • Presents personalized action plans to help develop a positive working relationship.


Each order includes an MBTI® 2-page Profile Report and a Work Styles Report for each person as well as a general Work Styles Report webinar to help people better understand the report.

If you are interested in having the 2 people get even more out of their unique MBTI report, learn how to align their work styles and implement an action plan, you may purchase 30 minutes of private consultation time with an MBTI Work Styles Report Advisor.


The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) is the world's most popular, best researched personality assessment. For 50 years, the MBTI's positive approach to understanding the difference between healthy people has helped millions of individuals around the world gain insights about themselves and how we relate to others. Used by individuals, companies and corporations, schools and non-profits, the MBTI is a powerful tool for improving how we all communicate, build a career, learn, lead, react to change and conflict, manage stress and function best within a team and organization.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to understand, insightful and feels "true".
  • Developed for normal, healthy people at work and at home.
  • Scientifically developed, highly reliable and valid.
  • Backed by on-going global research.
  • Available in 20+ languages.

Because the MBTI is a real psychological test, we provide a choice of free slide shares and on-going webinars that walk you through understanding your personal assessment.

For Companies:

We provide free, on-going general webinars for all individuals. However, if you would like a webinar or on-site training for your unique group or team, please call us for more information at 202-237-7179.

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