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How Assertive Are You?

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The first step to becoming more assertive is to discard your rationalizations that are holding you back.  Most nonassertive people confuse assertiveness with aggressiveness. By definition, assertiveness is socially appropriate, whereas aggressiveness can be offensive and even cruel.  Aggressive people may use their personality to intimidate others, or exert an unfair influence.  Assertive people say what is on their mind in a socially appropriate way and refuse to allow others to take advantage of them.

Assertive people:

  • Communicate clearly
  • Deliver a compelling message
  • Speak or perform with passion
  • Create connection and chemistry with others
  • Release stage fright and fear of public speaking
  • Experience natural presence
  • Capture and hold attention
  • Influence and persuade others
  • Develop spoken resonance and projection

So, how assertive are you?


Every workplace has the potential to flourish with effective communication. Are you doing your part? Effective communication is built on a foundation of trust and thus empowers employees, provides clear direction and feedback, and allows employees to express their thoughts, suggestions and concerns. In fact, all business involves people and people need communication to stay informed, engaged and satisfied. Therefore, communication is one of the most important aspects of high functioning teams, particularly executive teams. According to Ann Morrow Lindbergh, “Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after”.

Trust and communication are essential elements to the effective functioning of a team, regardless of the level or type of the team -- executive team, virtual team, cross-functional team, project team, or sports team. High functioning teams maximize their effectiveness by relying on one another, learning from one another and working together to pursue goals and objectives. Trust lays the foundation for high functioning teams. High functioning is not possible without effective communication. Effective communication is based on trust. In an organization, the higher the team the greater the impact, therefore, establishing trust and communication among Executive Teams is essential to the success of the organization.

The presence of feedback within a team setting is a critical contributor to the level of trust that exists. Team members begin to feel important and that there is a greater interest in their development. Team members can feel that their leaders understand that growth and development is imperative to both the success of the team and the individual. Peers and leaders can regularly give feedback. If feedback is given in a manner that portrays a genuine, positive intent, it is likely to increase trust over time. Inaccurate feedback can cause tension and eventually trust begins to break down. By keeping subordinates well informed and by giving honest, accurate feedback trust can be strengthened within a company.

Be assertive and contribute to your personal and organizational success!

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