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Corporate Assessments

Why do so many companies use tests and consulting?

Because smart companies know that the right tests are great for:

  • Work productivity 
  • Hiring: Identify and choose the right job candidate for the best fit
  • Develop good employees for new roles and responsibilities
  • Assess and develop leadership strengths and fill gaps
  • Supplement skills training and in-house leadership programs
  • Retain strategic employees
  • Develop and retain Millennials who value and seek out self development and growth
  • As a lower cost alternative to in-person classes and training
  • Support good to great team development
  • Understand the culture and become the Employer of Choice
  • Reduce conflict and stress while increasing communication and emotional intelligence

If you are interested in using our assessments for your team, organization, work productivity, hiring, or any of the other facets our products can assist with, please call us at 202-237-7179 for special group pricing. 

For even more impact, our team of business psychologists and consultants can work with you to choose the right test, then develop effective solutions to help you achieve measurable results.

Many of the assessments we offer are particularly well-suited for use by teams, divisions and entire organizations. Among the most popular are:

MBTI Interpretive Report for Organizations
MBTI Team Report
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument Profile and Interpretive Report
SLS Global 360°
SLS Global Organizational Culture Survey
SLS Global Change Management Survey
Sales Achievement Predictor (Sales AP)
Customer Service Aptitude Profile (Customer Service AP)

Our assessments and interpretation consulting services can be provided as a stand-alone activity or in conjunction with any of the SLS Global advisement, consulting, coaching, training, and services.