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How Assertive Are You?

Posted by Dr. Carole Stovall on

The first step to becoming more assertive is to discard your rationalizations that are holding you back. Most non-

assertive people confuse assertiveness with aggressiveness. By definition, assertiveness is socially appropriate, whereas aggressiveness can be offensive and even cruel. Aggressive people may use their personality to intimidate others, or exert an unfair influence. Assertive people say what is on their mind in a socially appropriate way and refuse to allow others to take advantage of them.

Assertive people:

  • Communicate clearly
  • Deliver a compelling message
  • Speak or perform with passion
  • Create connection and chemistry with others
  • Release stage fright and fear of public speaking
  • Experience natural presence
  • Capture and hold attention
  • Influence and persuade others
  • Develop spoken resonance and projection

So, how assertive are you?

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