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360° Leadership Assessment

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Product Description

Improve leadership skills with the 360° Leadership Assessment



  • SLS Global can provide 360 degree feedback customized for you.
  • This product will improve leadership skills due to the content that focuses on customizable categories and items — use your own competency model or add your categories and items to our list.
  • Customizable survey content includes providing a complete library of benchmarked and validated competencies (optional, no added cost).

When you want to improve leadership skills on your team or within yourself, this product can be customized to your needs. The customizable feedback process includes deciding exactly how you want to get from point "A" to point "B". The rater selection process, communications and messaging, schedules, and more are all within your control to help improve the leadership skills on your team. Customizable reports have no limits when it comes to reporting options. You can choose from dozens of different configurations that are provided as standard options, or we can build an entirely custom report from the ground up.

  • Customizable survey features listed below

Additional Information About Customizable Survey Features:

Customizable categories and items:

  • Add your own categories or items to our list, or use your own competency model.

Complete library of benchmarked and validated items:

  • Our items have been statistically analyzed and validated, and we provide benchmarked normative data so participants can see how their results compare to hundreds of other managers and executives.

Customizable question format and rating labels:

  • Our standard format is a five-point rating scale (Outstanding to Poor). You can change the rating labels, or use a different question format if you prefer. We currently offer four-point, five-point, and seven-point rating scales.

Targeted qualitative feedback (different for every rater):

  • When raters reach the end of the survey, we ask them to provide additional comments in two to three specific areas, based on their responses to the survey items. This targeted qualitative feedback gives participants additional insight in the areas where they most need it.

Optional comments on every item:

  • Raters can choose to add comments to any item in the survey.

Multiple languages:

  • You can give raters the option to complete the survey in the language of their choice.

Customize the survey by rater group (respondent relationship):

  • When you create a survey template, you can select which rater groups (e.g. Manager, Peers, Direct Reports) get which survey items. This enables you make sure that each rater is only evaluating the competencies that he/she is able to assess.

Customize the rater group labels for each participant:

  • If our standard rater group labels don't work for you, you can change them.

Stop or Go Back:

  • Raters can stop at any point in the survey and return later to resume where they left off. They can also go back to review or change their responses.

Task Lists:

  • For raters who have been asked to evaluate more than one person, we automatically present them with a task list which shows all of their feedback requests and the status of each one.

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